Dancing With My Corpse

I Write Her

in the darkness
the din of agony
i still dance

life is to be celebrated

in adversity
the direness of circumstance
i still dance

life is teaching me something

in the face of the inevitable
creeping ever closer or unexpectedly
i still dance

life isn’t over yet

in acceptance
i know my fate
i still dance

yet mylife will end

Thanks, Ivor! PERFECT accompaniment to this piece. 🙂

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How Do You Meet Someone if You Don’t Party

Debatably Dateable

The New Year is just weeks away and I know there have been plenty of holiday parties as well. Friends are on school break and family travel to gather together during this period. This is prime party season and you know your friends are going to want to drag you out to the bars. But maybe the party scene isn’t for you and you know you don’t want to find your future significant other at the bar. So where do you find them?

If you love doing something, you’ll probably want to share your passions with your SO. So join the gym, the hiking club, or that pottery class. For starters, you’ll be super happy digging into your hobby and honing your skill. You’ll learn new things and hopefully meet new people while you’re at it. Maybe you’ll form chemistry with a special someone as you gush to each other…

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September Throwback – smoke, pills, and alcohol

Debatably Dateable

Always told you can never do anything right

so you smoke until everything feels light.

You self sabotage with pills and alcohol

afraid you’ll prove him right and fall.

Forgetting everything else in that brilliant mind

because his hatred has made you go blind.

You self medicate with pills and alcohol

numbing the pain so you can finally sleep instead of bawl.

scared if you see your dad, you’ll lose control and brawl.

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