Things They Didn’t Teach Us

Frank Solanki

They taught us math in school
That two plus two is four
They taught us science and history
Geography and more

They taught us how to square
Draw, paint and dance and sing
They taught us verbs and nouns
And many many more things

But nobody taught us
Things we ought to know
Things that’ll always help us
Wherever we may go

They didn’t teach us how to lay
A claim on happiness
Or taught us to be humble
While enjoying great success

They didn’t tell us that humans
Are struggling everywhere
That an act of kindness
Can really show you care

They didn’t teach us that true love
Is more valuable than bread
That people need appreciation
Much before than they are dead

They didn’t teach us to gaze
At the wild and open sky
Or that it takes courage
To own up to a lie

I guess that…

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