In Dappled Daylight

Charmed Chaos


with me

the lushness

of a lingering sleep…

and last night’s


Sanober Khan,Turquoise Silence

In dappled daylight~
where fallen leaves
mingle with velvet moss

Here, time is soft~
lingering in radiant warmth
of a gilded setting sun

Heartbeat in harmony~
with every inhale
healing cleansing breaths

This restless spirit slows~
amidst nature’s sweet sounds
~Panacea for my soul

Author’s Note: I’m hosting today at dVerse Poets Pub where we are writing a Quadrille containing the word “linger.” The pub opens at 3PM EST- Come join in the fun!

dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille #136 Let’s Linger

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