Quách Thoại | Creating (1)


By Quách Thoại, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm




The tears by me poured tonight

Unbeknownst to you

As I consumed your vernacular,

the depth of your poetry:

The romance of lifetimes

in your heart, in your pure soul

imprinted vividly in fresh ink.

The creations – the sentences – the untold faith and hope confined

The fervent ardour cramped into each word

The scents in place of tactful intentions

The never fully expressed emotions

I know you are the kind of men who laugh and cry

Who still believe in love and perseverance

Still creating you’re still creating

The Sun is rising!

The Sun is rising!

On the verge, a season of blooming red cotton

If I were to die now naked with nothing

Let my spirit be free amongst the moon and the stars

So I may see you as though for the first time

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