Please Come and Enjoy this Love poem from Bree!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Image found here on Pinterest

I believed everything you told me,
so I believed all the stories I wrote 
about you. Now I’m here sitting on 
my own, staring at my silent phone

I wrote your part, I believed in
your character; you were my knight,
fighting with me and helping me find
personal success on my life quest

But you twisted the script, felt
some cruel need to use my heart and
then just as quickly, you hid
from me; cowards always flee

You never saw the quiet tears on
my face. I don’t think you’ll ever
know about the pain you inflicted
on this fragile heart you dismissed

Now I sit here silently on
my own, with my equality silent phone
and I pick up our old script ready to
start a rewrite with you in a different part

Once, I let someone into my life and I…

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