Our Beloved Winnie Passed Away Yesterday Morning
And We Will Miss Her Beyond Belief!! 

She Was Our Baby Doll.  Winnie Brought So Much Love And Joy To Our Days. 
We Are Heart Broken To Be Without Her But Know She Is No Longer Dealing With Any Pain Or Physical Issues (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels As A Breed Have A Tendency Toward Heart Problems) And In A Better Place.

I Will Be Taking A Few Days Off To Remember And Mourn Our Beloved Winnie.  We Have So Many Happy And Wonderful Memories To Reminisce On!!

We Were Blessed With, And Will Be Recalling The Unconditional Love She
Gave Us; And, The Unconditional Love We So Happily Returned To Her!!!


Please Come And Explore My Archive While I’m Away!
If You Would Like To Read Only Poems Written By Me
You Can Type “By Charles Robert Lindholm” In The Search Box
On My Blog’s Home Page And It Will Return Only My Writings.
Until later,

Blessings To You All,

18 thoughts on “OUR FUR BABY IS IN HEAVEN!!!

    1. You are a Sweetie for your kind and caring condolences. Our hearts are aching but we know she is in a better place and not struggling to breathe. It’s going to be really tough dealing with this. Thanks for caring, My Dear!

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        1. Oh, God! Thank you for that saying! It sure hit home with us and it is absolutely True!!! They do live on in the remembrances of the memories and moments we shared with them in our hearts!! Thank you so very much, My Friend!!

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  1. oh NO Chuck!!!!! I am sooo sad for you.. I had no idea she was struggling in anyway. My heart breaks ope for you my friend. Sending love and light and hope she gets to know Harry.. Take good care of yourself while you mourn and celebrate her life. 💖💖💖❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Thank you so much for your Sweet comments and condolence! It came on in about 16 hours of her huffing and puffing and having a struggle breathing we tried to get into the Vet Friday afternoon but they thought she would be ok and we got an appointment for Saturday at 9:30 a.m. She passed at 7:45 a.m. at home with us loving her instead of having to go to the Vet and most likely have to make a decision to put her down. We were blessed to have her to love and be loved by her. I hope she gets to meet Harry too!

      I’ll be doing my best to get through it. It will not be easy! You are such a Sweetheart for your caring thoughts and wishes!!!

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      1. Oh my you’re soooooo welcome. I know how much you loved her and it came as quite a shock it sounds like. Omg. Wow, she went fast and it sounds like a beautiful experience if there is such a thing. I hope you give yourselves time to mourn. You know I always keep them in the house for up to 4 days so we can visit and make sure we have complete closure. While it might sound crazy, it truly is a gift to have that last window of closure. However you do it all, take good care of each other. I am so sorry and I hope she gets to meet Harry too.

        Big hugs and love, 💖💖💖❤️🌷🌷❤️🌈🌈🌈🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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        1. Thank you so very much, Cindy for your big heart and Sweet love and hugs during this time. Yes, she went fast but we are happy it was not long, drawn out and painful for her. We were blessed that we did not have to make that final decision to let her pass. We will be feeling this for quite awhile. We are taking time to grieve and remember the wonderful times we had with her!!

          I’m sure Harry will meet Winnie and love her too!
          Really needed those Big Hugs and Love, Dearest!
          Sending it back to you!

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          1. You’re soo welcome Chuck.
            I know how attached you were and what a shock it must have been. There are no words during these times. I’m glad you are taking tine to process your grief and sadness and joy as you celebrate her life!
            You were all lucky to have each other. Yes and Winnie and Harry would make cute puppies!!! Over the rainbow 🌈 bridge they go in a better spot!!💕

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