This Wild Hope (audio)

Allison Marie Conway

On the breeze there glides a sweetness only the end of summer can stir into its humid air. Seasons click, frame by frame, from one to the next.

There is coffee in my cup and a long list in my mind of things I will need to get done today around the house and outside of it.

But for right now. Silence. Mindful presence.

This may sound as stupid to you as it does to me in my head but I feel very good today. Like not fake good but honestly, in my bones, in my soft beating heart, I feel okay.

I am not nervous. I am not anxious.

I can see the way the quiet morning light falls gently on each leaf of each plant by the open window. And I couldn’t really even tell you what it is inside of me that has shifted.

I have always…

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