What Is Poetry Anyway?

Benjamin Grossman

Forget the sensuous rhythms, the candlelit flows
The flame-drenched language
                                and the exaggerated escapades

Forget the masterful forms, the dreamy refrains
The count of lines and stanzas
                      and the elaborate rhyming schemes

Forget the scathing irony, the fanciful similes
The absolutely astonishing alliteration
                         and the mind-blowing metaphors

Forget all that glitter and just keep the gold
        A poem isn’t a poem
                                                Unless it’s about you


Here’s also the first version of this poem, which I’ve been working on for too long.

A poem is not a poem
On the page
Unless it’s about you

Though it may feel and look
Like some poetry
It’s not the same

Every word decays
In my candlelit mind
Unless it’s about you

Often lines and stanzas
Go astray, too, when
A poem is not a poem

Because there is no prose
Or even rhyme
Unless it’s…

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