Manifest Your Highest Love With Romantic Poems.

Eve Lovestar Poetry🧘‍♀️

Lovestars, here is a very romantic and sexy poem to dedicate to your special other. If you don’t dedicate poems, you can read the poems and daydream about your beloved.

If you are not in a relationship but wish to be, you can read these poems and manifest your highest love by feeling into the poems. If you can feel the feelings that are transmitted in the poems, then you might manifest someone who makes you feel like the poet felt when writing the poem. In fact, I always have loved love poems and even though I didn’t believe in love when I heard a poem, I could feel that poetry feeling. You might see a poem as a mantra or incantation. I kind of do, without noticing.

“Touch me”, romantic manifestation poem

Thanks for reading,

Eve in love 😍

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