The Moon and Her Lover

Kim V. Poetry

He waits.

He waits in the meadow,
Far passed the trees,
Far beyond every living soul.
Far beyond the quiet of the
Blue-black sky.

He waits.

They don’t understand why
He does it.
They’ve stopped asking him.

They don’t understand how
He continues on.
They just know.

He waits.

Stories say that they were together
Running through the fields together.
Wrapped in each other’s arms
Every single night.
Making love until the sun smiled down
On them.

They would talk about
Mystical places,
In faraway lands.
They would dream about the family
They would have together.
Their children would run in the same
Meadow that he waits for her in now.
They would thank the gods for
How happy they were together.

But then,
The gods chose her.
Chose her for her beauty.
Her wisdom.
Her love.
She was chosen,
From all others
To bring the…

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