By Charles Robert Lindholm

She Spent So Many Years
Wishing And Dreaming Of
Something Better
Than What She Thought
She Had

She Had A Restless Heart
That Always Hungered
For More,

Something Different,
Something New,
Something Better

She Had An Envious Soul
That Wanted What It
Wished It Could Have
But Never Did

Was A Meaningless
Concept That Was Alien
To Her Way Of Thinking

Love Was Never Forever
It Was Always Conditional
Always Based On
A Narcissistic Ideal

Commitment To Children
To Spouses
To Life Or Lovers
Was Only A Temporary Condition
Until Something Better
Came Along,
To Take Her Away
To Another Place,
A New Face
A New Life
As A Lover
Or A Wife
For Awhile

She Never Stayed
To See The Heartache
Or Pain She Caused,
She Never, Ever
Turned Around To See
What She Had Left Behind
Once She Walked Away

She Had A Fugitive Heart
And She Knew It
She Was Always Wanted
And Loved By The Ones She Hurt
But It Never Mattered

The Gypsy Spirit
That Owned Her Soul
Never Did Set Her Free,
She Lived With A Hunger
For More
For New
And Different,
For Something Better,
For Something Exciting
Still Yet To See
Over The Next Horizon

She Had A Restless Heart
That Would Never Let Her
Know True Love Or Contentment
For She Always Had A Need
For Something Better

Her Fugitive Heart
Only Found The Emptiness
Of Being Alone With Her Self
And The Memories
She Buried Deep In Her Heart
But Never Could Forget

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
7.6.2018 @ 5:45 A.M.LE

This Is An Equal Opportunity Poem And Allows For The Substitution Of He, His And Him For She And Her.
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