Tale Weaver – Soulmates

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Stephanie Colpron is the host of Tale Weaver

So for today’s tale I’d like you to consider the concept of “soul mate” – it could be yours or your character’s if you decide to write a fiction: it might be a partner, spouse or a friend.


What is a soulmate?

A soulmate can be a romantic partner or a friend or a sibling even. The connection is intangible but it’s very much there.

Someone who understands you without you telling them. Someone who will answer the question before you have asked it. Someone who will say what you were going to say at that exact moment.

I don’t think romance has much to do with this connection. We gravitate instinctively towards people with whomwe feel this connection. People who share similar values and views. They become our best friends whatever relationship we have with them.

I say…

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