Kiss of life

Rhapsody Bohème

Randall Champion accidentally touched a high-voltage line, electrifying himself and stopping his heart. A fellow linemen J.D. Thompson performed mouth-to-mouth CPR until paramedics arrived. Champion survived. This famous photo is known as “The Kiss of life.” (1967). Photo by Rocco Morabito.

This is the first time I have seen this picture or heard of it. It’s been around as long as I have and it found me in a time when it speaks a thousand words. Life is messy and complicated, but it doesn’t always take something this drastic to breathe life into someone or something. Our actions will always make us the heroes or the Standby er’s. We choose, we action, and we live with how we want to receive and spend our own Kiss of life.

Today we remember, not only this picture and this story but the story and the fate of many who never had the…

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