Tiny plastic dinosaurs

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Tiny plastic dinosaurs, who knew they could do so much harm?

Listening to my son and husband name them off, it was like a soldering iron to my heart

Knowing I would never get the chance to have my girl, bond with her like that over boys, diamonds, and pearls

Or skateboards, shoes, things that meant so much to her

How I would’ve given the world to listen to her muse

I wanted so badly to love her like you

Hold her, pick out pink clothes, ruffles, bows, unicorns and tutus

The hole in my heart is deeper than the seas

I would dive so far if it meant a minute not feeling like I’m being dragged to my knees

How I love something so much that was never physically here

That’s slicing me open and it will never stop I fear

All I wanted was to love. To love…

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