Monsoon drama


(From Pexel)

Patient autumn waits in wings on tiptoes
monsoon is reluctant to quit limelight
loath to retire for annual repose
thunder gleefully claps with all its might
susurrus leaves wait for a cue to fall
to colour earth stage in feuille morte shades
rain’s desire dazzling last hurrah for all
to be special. So, brazenly invades
autumn’s space, falling in gushing cascades.

Written for MTB at dVerse. Today’s host Laura says: Since today is the 9th of the 9th month it is fitting for that numeral to inform today’s poetry form –  so let’s meet The Novelinee.

Novelinee is a nine line stanza poem overlaid with this rhyme sequence:

It is written in iambic pentameter or 10 syllable lines (decasyllabic) with alternate stresses.

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