Take Me

Kim V. Poetry

Take me under,
To the depths of the sea,
Where we’ll never grow old
And we’ll never die.
And we can live as one body,
One spirit, One heart.

Take me far,
To the place beyond the pines,
Where we can be lost for hours
In the shade,
And no one will ever find us.
Where our path is made clear
With every intention we set,
By the twinkling of the morning star.

Take me there,
To your subconscious mind,
Where your imagination is free
And your visions run wild.
Where poetry falls like rain
From the clouds
And your night is forever dark
But my words light your way.

Take me now,
Because I am yours.
Our love was inked in the stars
And tattooed by the light of Hamlet’s moon across our broken hearts.
Because my world is made more beautiful
By the touch of your lips

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