Byline Legacies: New Literary Anthology Just Out!

Crow On The Wire

Huge shoutout to Jaime Dill and Lizzie Thornton at Cardigan Press for their wonderful new literary anthology, Byline Legacies. They are a hardworking team with amazing editing skills!! Thank you for your help on my short story.

Byline Legacies is a nostalgic collage of inspiration, candor, and comfort—snapshots of the moments we have experienced (or will experience) during our lives as creatives. Woven through fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, you’ll discover love letters to our greatest influencers, memoirs of our humble beginnings, anthems for our greatest triumphs, symphonies that praise our journeys, and heart-wrenching confessions of the times when we doubted ourselves and questioned what kind of legacy we were creating. Embrace your curiosity, awaken your inner creative, and remember the importance of your voice, your ideas, and why you fell in love with writing in the first place. This book is for all of us who have ever chased a…

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