The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – September 1

Jo Hawk

2021 Daily Writing Challenge Q2

Yesterday I woke with a migraine. Perfect. One of those days. I scrubbed my plans to restart my daily walk. Even though the temperature was in the range I love for walking, the humidity was high, and the air quality was questionable. Thinking about each footfall hammering in my already throbbing head nearly made me nauseous. I chose another day of yoga instead. While some postures increased the drumming, at least I wasn’t a mile from home.

I made a fresh batch of tomato sauce since my garden has reached full production mode. But I am baffled and can’t figure out why the sauce is disappearing as fast as I cook it. The sauce, made with my fresh basil, is excellent. At this rate, I won’t have any extra to freeze for later in the winter. Perhaps I need to place a note in my garden planner to double the…

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