Blinkers are like people.


A lot of the things I find awesome in life revolve around similarities and differences. Metaphors and similes. Tautologies and metonyms. Puns that smudge the borders between grammarnazi-ism and hilarity. You see this a lot in my writing. And in my humor – as well.

My favoritest joke (*which mostly proves that I am an acquired taste*):
**‘Do you know the difference between a tampon and a teabag?’**
*-confused silence, often followed by a ‘no’-*
**’Well. I’m sure as fuck not having tea at your house then!’**
*-insert me laughing hysterically-*

And I work through a lot of issues in my life by taking something entirely normal and basic from my day to day life – followed by finding the similarities between that simplicity and the complex world of feelings, and the bigger picture and my life’s meaning and goals and such. It’s surprising how often that…

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