The ‘Not Enough/Too Much’ issue of love.

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Breakups are the ideal time for self-reflection and a whole lotta talking. Personal growth – or so they say.

I usually just translate it to a lot of ‘self-care’ instead. Which pretty much translates to binging (drinks, fastfood and Netflix) the memories and pain away. Brutal but effective.

There always comes a point, however, when you get pensive. Start thinking. Try to figure out where you went wrong (again) and how you can prevent doing so in the future. And somehow – I feel like this is not a ‘separate’ activity throughout break-ups – but a buildup to a final answer. It’s truly like my love-life is an extensive calculation and I’m just adding the numbers that will eventually allow me to find the correct answer. And todays newest math-tip was, as always, a surprise.

When I said ‘it’s not me, it’s you‘ in my last sobby break-up post

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