Summer Writing Like Sunshine

Steps In Between

Summertime writing has been rejuvenating this year, more like morning sunshine. And I am renewed by its generosity.

I noticed its rays during a few lackadaisical mornings…

Sunlight flooded my bedroom, especially through the drapes I intentionally left open. I never wish to sleep in too long, not that I can anymore…years of age and stress have seen to that. However, during my summer’s off from teaching, I can sleep past my typical work alarm and let my body awaken naturally. Leisurely stretching from dreamland to consciousness, I revel in waking up gently with closed eyelids. Who enjoys jolting to the chimes of an alarm, eyes flung wide, hands grabbing to tap (or toss) the source of dread? Not me.

Writing in July and August is similar to those morning sunrays spilling across my bedroom floor. They grow slowly…warmly…and surely each morning. So, even if I lose hours of…

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