Seek (a hidden message poem)

Come accept Secrets Challenge to find a hidden message poem!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Seek between all my rhythms and lines,
Search them careful or you’ll miss the signs.
Account for eachsentence I have made,
To crack the code, you can’t be afraid.
In every line there’s one letter for you
Unite them andthenyou can answer true…
Can you see what I keep within me?

See if you can crack the code of this hidden message poem. Two of you already know what it says (as I released this poem on IG a few weeks ago) and have been kind enough to keep it quiet.

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Three Line Tales # 291

Keep it alive

Sonya is the host of Three Line Tales

Welcome to Week 291 of Three Line Tales.

photo byMarisol Benitezvia Unsplash

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:


Their faces are as fresh as the flowers that they sell every day.

Smiles come free with beautiful bouquets they make with love.

I hope their future is bright and full of laughter, their faces retain the smiles always!




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Sunday Poser # 43

Keep it alive

Welcome to week 43 of Sunday Poser

Summer is almost over. Autumn is in the air and in few weeks we will feel the chill of autumn nights.

So my question this week is;

What is your favorite thing about summer?

Personally, I am not a big fan of summer weather. The reason is that in my country, it gets very hot in the months of May and June, and when monsoon starts in mid July, it gets very humid and muggy as well.

But having said that, there still stress things I like about summer;

Mangoes 🥭

I love the sweet, tangy taste of mangoes, especially in a fruit salad. By themself, they are too sweet for my palate but mixed with apples, peaches, and guavas they make the perfect fruit bowl.

Cool airy summer clothes;

Since it’s very hot here in summer, we have different wardrobes for summer…

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