Candy Written By Nichole Sulpizio 💋


Red lips 👄

Stained on her wine glass 🍷

Taste of her



Like a dark decant treat

Chocolate 🍫

Lick your lips

The flavor


Like her curves


Black lace tattoos

Like a garter

On her thighs

Your temperate rising

The softness of her skin

Olive hue


Like a sunflower 🌻

In its beautiful array


On a warm summer day


Like her


Her scent

Taste of her kiss

Upon your lips

Total bliss

Want to lick

Melts upon your tongue

Coming undone




Candy 🍬

Copyright © 2021 Nichole Sulpizio All Rights Reserved

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The crazy ones…


 The crazy one’s….

Blessed places or cursed places?
Are just places we shall know and the  places that will teach us.
Being blessed is someone caring for you and loving you for everything you are. The cursed places are seconds, moments and hours where we learn. Love isn’t forever for some. 

Love is the sweetest gift and the rarest gift. Love will make us want to live forever and love can make us want to run away. Swim in sadness.

Today Johnnie want to be the crazy one. Find a place where life is not controlled and love is wild and free. Find someone who loved him, like he is her last breathe and her only want and need. And she is his last and final wish.
Blessed are the crazy one’s. So damn loco, they believe in the glory of love, know laughter and can talk till the night turn to…

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A naked woman…


 A  naked woman….

          (A wise artist once said. To see a nude woman is more wonderful then
           1000 beautiful paintings in a museum.)

I tell the young men.
Go slow and easy.
When your eyes and heart is young.
The sweet memories will be  written on the walls of your heart.
When a woman allow you into the safety of her arms and emotion.
Allow your eyes to wander over her nude body.
The kindest gift is when a woman allowed  you to caress and touch the mysteries and secret passions of her heart and soul.
Never turn your eyes away.
Sixty-three years of life and a million journeys.
How many opportunities to see the gift of tender and soft skin?
To be able to caress  legs moving with each touch?
Feel  the warmth of soft  breasts against your…

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Thomas Nashe words and my thoughts.


The great Poet “Thomas Nashe” poetry and some of my words.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"When we read a Poet or Writer from the past. We give them life again."

A Litany in Time of Plague…

     (Thomas Nashe, a great Poet. Needs to be remembered.
     His words as powerful as 400 years ago.)            

Adieu, farewell, earth’s bliss;
This world uncertain is;
Fond are life’s lustful joys;
Death proves them all but toys;
None from his darts can fly;
I am sick, I must died.
Lord, have mercy on us!

Rich men, trust not in wealth,
Gold cannot buy you health;
Physic himself must fade.
All things to end are made,
The plague full swift goes by;
I am sick, I must die.
Lord, have mercy on us!

Beauty is but a flower
Which wrinkle will devour;
Brightness falls from the air;
Queens have died young and fair; Dust hath…

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I was told…


I was told…

The prettiest and most dangerous lady, I was told she was,

always writing down her words and

she was waiting for me,

her strong coffee sweet and creamy,

I saw her,

her eyes on the New York city streets,

pondering her words, her thoughts.

I pray I was wandering in her mind,

I pray I was her night time wish, her devilish dream.

She was artist and a wordsmith,

her dangerous mind always twisting tales of laughter,

tales of midnight night dances and the sweetest red wine kisses.

She loved to make empty canvas alive and vibrant.

I went to her and she embraced me and she whispered.

You Northern poets like the rainy days and making a lady wait.

Patience woman I am not, the coffee got cold and my restless spirit,

need a long walk into the Central park and you to make me feel,

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