An Oven of a Woman ~ The Plath Principle

You Lil Dickens

If you expect nothing from anybody you are never disappointed.

Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Frankly, 95% of this post does not paint me in a pretty light. It is, however, 100% TRUEand sometimes the truth is not pretty.

Being vulnerable has never been my forte.

But I can’t be angry at anybody else.

Not in good conscience anyway.

Because I broke my own rule, it’s my own fault.

Yet, still — don’t like being blindsided. Do you?

So, here on these spiral stairs, with a copy of The Bell Jar, I stay.

Trying not to worry too much but feel worse than I did yesterday.

Sit in silence, overthink, pout. When really, I should

Take the advice of Oasis and STOP Crying My Heart Out!!!

I’m an oven of a woman. There isn’t much that sets me to full on BROIL.

But many an instance where…

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