Fear and Love

Kim V. Poetry

It was fear and love that sealed
My fate.

The fear of dying again,
Without the warm touch of
Lips pressed to my cold skin.
The fear of saying goodbye to
The ghosts in the shadows,
That kept me company.
The fear of another night,
Trapped in my tomb,
Hoping to see the moon,
Once again.

But it was love that resurrected me,
For the final time.
Love, what a strange concept.

You loved my demons
When others ran from them.
You loved my darkness
Like I was drawn to your light.

You loved me simply for being me.

You are beautiful to me because
you are the danger
And the freedom I wish to taste.
Because you are the peace,
I’m desperate to have.

You are what I need to be alive.

Ashes and blood
Sex and drama,
You are in my head
On my body,
And Ingrained in…

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