Fandango Provocative Question- Climate change

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Welcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

I recently read some interesting statistics regarding how Americans perceive climate change. In a poll by The Economist/YouGov, 72% of Democrats believe governments can take actions to slow climate change, compared with only 24% of Republicans.

More than 80% of Democrats, half of independents, and less than a third of Republicans believe that human activity is warming the planet. Two-thirds of Republicans say massive wildfires, prolonged droughts, and severe hurricanes are events that “just happen from time to time.”

So with this in mind, my provocative question this week is this…

Do you believe that human activity is a significant contributor to climate change or do you concur with those who believe that changes to the climate naturally occur from time to time?


To my mind, this is no brainer!

Humans are increasingly influencing…

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5 Things- 5 lessons learned in pandemic

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5 Things Tuesday — 5 Life lessons you have learned during the lockdown.

Something totally unexpected happened at the end of February 2020. A global pandemic was declared by the WHO and most places went into unprecedented lockdowns.

The pandemic still is here. Maybe for another year or two, who can say for sure.

I have learned a few things since February’20


After the toilet paper shortage, OTC painkillers were scarce too. People bought all the hand sanitizer from stores and even on Amazon, one couldn’t find any. The most important lesson I learned was to share. Get only what you need and leave the rest for others.

• Be kind;

Pandemic is tough on everyone. Be kind when you see people struggling with their lives. Be more understanding and forgiving. When everyone is suffering, a little kindness…

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