Expect The Unexpected

Be Inspired..!!

If there’s something unusual that happens to you, go for it. The unexpected is a signal of an opportunity. It will not always be nice, this unexpected stuff, but every time it creeps in, magical things are happening. Wait for it. Praise for it.

Life is not safe. It’s not predictable either. It’s a roller coaster. A giant, unpredictable, beautiful roller coaster. You don’t know when you’ll go up and you never know when you’ll go down.

All you know is that you’re having lots and lots of fun. Every time you change course something interesting will happen. It may be good or bad, that unexpected thing, this is not what it really matters. What really matters is how you experienced it.

In the end, you’re alive because you beat the unexpected, not because you prevented it.

How To Expect The Unexpected

It may seem counterintuitive to exercise how to…

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