Book Release: All Our Secrets by Bree Leto

Come and Check Out Secrets new book!!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

There are times when you should be brave and do something you wouldn’t usually do. My ‘brave’ is publishing a book of poetry from my writing adventures from the last year or so. It is currently available on Amazon in ebook and paperback format. For any Kindle Unlimited users, it’s current free for you.

This poetry collection delves into the secrets found in love, heartbreak, struggle, life and desire. Rest assured; you’ll find yourself at home in these pages. Come explore the complexities of the human heart; you’ll smile, you’ll sigh, you’ll lust and be left wanting more.

A special section,Shared Secretsalso brings my words together with other respected poets from around the globe. Read poetry collaborations from Tom Alexander, Anna Colominas, Benjamin Grossman, Charles Robert Lindholm, Kritika Maheshwari and Jared Winchester.

I have included the links below as new releases can take a while to show up…

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