Need the Pacific- Big Sur a-dreaming..


Big Surf a-dreaming….

A un-mark road with a small sign will lead you to a hidden beach on Highway 2. A small path will lead you to paradise.
A beach not safe for swimming. But climbing into the rocks. Being one with the sea..

The waves will dance around you. You can sit and write. The view has no equal for the eyes to see. Pfeiffer Beach is a  nude beach. Famous for beautiful and sexy people.

The sea will steal the hunger from your eyes. To view the beauty of the naked young woman on the sand..

I wish to drink wine at the River Inn. Listen to the music and hear the voices of the Poets and musicians.

I was crazy then. Not so crazy today.

I remember when me and my friend chasing the poor people off Pfeiffer Beach. We were full of vodka and hate.
Told the world to f-off…

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  Two strangers sat together. Discussing things that didn’t matter. The woman looked at the man and she told him.
I was once a beauty once. Men begged for my attention.

He whispered. Beauty is one less burden. For I can see what you really have become and you have nothing to hide now. You became what you truly are.

He smiled. Kissed her forehead and he told her. Laughter, good sex and good drinks were the answer now.

 She smiled and told him.. You are ugly with hate. A sad end for a man. Who held so many dreams.

He looked into the mirror. He saw a old and tire face and he told her. Dreams are what the children hold on to.
 It comes a time. When you realize. We are all greedy bastards wanting too much. Too little.

 She looked away. He tried to explain his…

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A ocean apart…


A ocean apart…

(Written when I was young and love was so sweet.)

You are laying heavy upon my sweet dreams and hope.
I hold a simple letter in my hands.
Your sweet words saved me from pity and sadness.

You wrote sweet and kind words.
“I’m waiting for you. I have loved you since we met at the candy shop.
Please come back to me. You are my only love I want and need. I love you my Johnnie”

Miles separate us today.

Your beautiful face is all I can think of.
I yearn to hold you and kiss your tender and sweet lips.

But I can close my eyes.
I can see your smile.
Hear your beautiful voice.
Whispering. “Almost time my Soldier for you to come home. For the vast ocean to disappear and we will become one.”

I pray for the days to go quickly.

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I wanted everything and I needed nothing…


I wanted everything and I needed nothing.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Youth is the sweetest wine. No fear of failure and fearless in the game of love." 

                     I wanted everything and I needed nothing….

Dancing on the edge.
Using and abusing woman without regret.
Giving enough to birth passion and running for the door before the morning light.

Many kinds of greed in life.
Good booze and easy woman lead a man to a destine hell.
Greed lead you to the lonely and sad road.

You must decide.
I watched my father drink himself to death.
In my youth. The Hemingway’s ending was my goal.
Enjoy life, drink and test life.

I wanted everything and I needed nothing.
One day I awoke alone and with no purpose.
Put two brothers into graves. They decided suicide was better than life.
I had a 30-30 rifle sitting on the…

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The poet….


The Poet

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Good to be the word man. Good for the heart and soul to release thoughts to paper and pen."   

                     The Poet…

Many moons ago in the city of Monterey, Ca
I create many friends at the many Poetry readings.
I would read three days a week in the evenings.
I led some and I was a reader/listener.
They honored me by calling me the Poet.
I believe the greatest honor is when someone who loved the word.
Honored you by calling you the street Poet.

I learn many lessons from the old and new writers.
Good words I hold close and I tried to live by.

There are many ways to live and many ways to die.

We can chose to laugh, dance and celebrate each new day or
swim in the sorrow of hide and see misery and self-pity.


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Nuggets of Gold

Welcome to the Evening edition, though for some it may be morning now. This post is later than usual due to technical difficulties, aka stupid phone! In spite of them being later I hope you enjoy them! May you find some that speak to your heart and others that make you laugh. Feel free to let  me know in the comments.





You know who you are! 😄



Another way to “Dance” in the Rain!






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