Sunday Poser # 41

Keep it alive

Wow, the month of August is more than half way through. Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

My question this week is;

Are you a risk taker?

Taking risks falls into two categories. One is the everyday type of risks like choosing a new restaurant to dine in or taking a different route while driving. And then there is the other kind, like making life-altering decisions, financial investments, or doing something that could be dangerous, like sky or bungee jumping!

I would class myself as a person who plays it safe most of the time. When asked for my food preference, I opt for the tried and tested favorites. Same with holiday destinations. The only risky holiday I had was when I opted to go to Turkey with my friends. It was a fantastic holiday and has encouraged me to be more adventurous.

As for life altering decisions, I’m afraid…

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