Sitting with myself

Come and Enjoy!

Rhapsody Bohème

As I sit with myself I listen to the silence. She is comforting and soothing to my soul. The absence of noise speaks loudly and on many levels, nourishing every fiber of my being. As I sit with myself I am content with all that is, all that has past, and all that will be. It’s enough to know that I am the co- creator of my life, that I can spring into action whenever I choose to do so, but it’s also very fulfilling to sit on the sidelines and watch it unfold, to not resist and to simply let it happen. As I sit with myself I take comfort in knowing that all that will be, will be and everything I need at the time will come to pass. I trust and I believe. I shed fear and allow myself to be guided. I know that there are…

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