Former Friend

Words Flow

Former Friend

Hiding behind a mask

Someone that should be known

Taking a long time

True intentions shown

Talking advantage of trust

Using friendship as a game

Feelings shattered to dust

Never see you the same

More cautious become

Letting few people in

The numbers are some

Understand if they knew where been

If only you could see

The damage that had been done

That damage to me

By the deception you spun

©️ Chris Chonos


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Erotic Wednesday (No Words Said)

Words Flow

No Words Said

Seduced by your beauty

Hypnotized and loss of control

You capture my body and soul

Lead me to the place that is ours

Our sanctuary of love and peace

This place where are inhibitions are released

Lay me down upon our bed

Remove the barriers that keep us apart

This love that we have without a word said

Slowly we connect for now we are one

With motions so delicate

Are heat rises like the sun

Pleasure escapes our lips as we passionately kiss

Reaching ecstasy; the highest of highs

Our motion it slowly subsides

Peace it comes without a word said

As you lay curled up with me

You my love you always will be

© Chris Chonos

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Love Poem Tuesday (Say or Do)

Words Flow

Say or Do

How to describe how I feel about you

Sometimes they escape me it is true

To put down what I feel in my heart

Sometimes I don’t know where to start

The way you make me feel with every touch

Goosebumps I still feel and that little rush

When you kiss my lips and my knees get weak

That is the love I did always seek

To feel the love you have for me

I know in your eyes I always see

To write about how in love I am with you

Can never compare by what you say or do

©Chris Chonos

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Erotic Wednesday (Can’t Break or Dare)

Words Flow

Can’tBreak or Dare

Sly grin on your face I know I’m captured

Have me locked in; don’t want to escape

With your beauty I am raptured

With satin and lace my mouth agape

Reaching out a delicate hand

Caressing my skin a tingle inside

I fall like in quick sand

Your intentions you can not hide

Push me down and take control

Climb on top and kiss me deep

Whisper in my ear make me whole

Slowly guide me to where you love you keep

Move in rhythm hands take mine

Closer to the edge we approach

From your sighs I know the sign

Closer to that pinnacle we broach

Animalistic sounds escape are lips

My love for now flows within

As the tighter you do grip

Across my lips I do grin

Cuddle up bodies covered in sweat

Tender kisses we now share

Never better then making love…

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The Cadence of my Non-Compliance

Tea & Transparency

I was mistaken,

misled even –

thanks to misinformation.

I was misunderstood.

I misrepresented

the misuse

of my misery.

I mistreated

myself – misruled the misfit

fighting against mistakes

in place of truth.

Now I am ‘mister listen here.’

You fault my sex because

I have a womb and two breasts.

Do not dismiss my pain

as a fantasy of the brain.

Do not wave your hand

and reprimand my reproductive organs

because you can’t talk ‘women’s problems’.

Do not bite your lip and fork your tongue

into creating the syllables needed to spell ‘you are wrong’.

Do not take me for a conjurer of fake news.

Believe the tears, the fears and the hot water bottle bruise.

Do not push me away this time

because one of you alone ‘cannot be right’.

Do not throw away my lifeline

because you do not believe in my fight.

I was mistaken,

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My secret love


My secret love…

Once brave man is quiet now. Bloody life led him to lonely place and the Monterey bay. He called a old phone number and he listened.

A sweet voice whispered. I am not home. If important, please leave a message and I promise to call you back. He hung-up the phone and he whispered to the Pacific.  I love to hear your voice, your whispering of kind words, poetry for me, my love.  And I wish.

You were near. I need your soft hands caressing my hair and my face. I want you to straddle me,  face to face.  I want you to kiss me a million times. I want you to sing to me till the morning sunrise and I need to hear your voice. 

Sometime we need secrets and some mystery of wishes. Oh, what we could have been. He  invited her to California, he…

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Scottish kisses…


“The sweetest Scottish gal kisses

My gun are locked away. My mind and my body is tire. I came to Aberdeenshire to remember a memory. Once young brave soldier told his auburn hair gal. I love you Sheena, I love you dear Sheena. Please be my wife on a Winter day in 1978. Now his barren soul, he is sitting alone, drinking the Johnnie Walker whiskey and waiting for no-one. He told the dark night. Time waits for no-one. Love blessing is the sweetest wine and the sweetest Scottish gal kisses. I still remember and I miss so.”

Scottish kisses….

It was 1978 and the long days of Summer were here. Early June, warm days, weekend activities and weekend adventures to discover new places. I found safety in the German taverns. Loud and obnoxious drinking places serving the good German beer and the strong booze. A young man dream.


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The rising sun, the falling moon…


The rising sun, the falling moon

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A poem for my new book. The Island."

     The rising sun, the falling moon…

Prettiest lady, I ever seen, she danced with the Lake Superior waves.

She loved to drink and clatter when the Bacchus wine was good.

Hand in hand, we walked the island path.

She made the lapse of time, slower and more wonderful.

She weaved me stories to make me see,

life was more than me.

I told her, she was the rising sun, the falling moon.

She made the new-born sun more divine when I could look into her eyes of green,

she made the falling moon seem endless and bright.

She told me,

true love is like the sun and the moon,

rarely do the moon and sun touch,

love followed the same path and they will find each other.

Never waste…

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Ode to Memory

On Mama's Mind

The air is full of words
travelling from here to there.
The world is full of colours
waiting to be stored.
The mind is full of pockets
brimming with possibilities.

What an amazing gift
this mind of ours
a treasure cave of memories
for us to recall, imagine, take out when alone.

Carbon copies of loved ones,
running about on the deep-seated cinema
alive, for as long as they are needed.
What present could be greater than the gift of imagination?
To travel to the hidden vaults of our memories,
bringing back pockets of joy
faces we have cherished
bodies we have loved.

A most precious thing,
to inhabit a mind like that.
Touch it gently, hold it with reverence
and watch it come into its own.

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