Unkind Years (with audio)

Come Read this and enjoy the Audio too!!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

He keeps fading
I’m watching it happen before my eyes
I wonder if he is silently fading from me too
He keeps so many of his thoughts inside
I’m always the last to know what’s going on

Every morning I see less joy in his eyes
He slogs the day out
pushing himself in a job he hates
for a family who needs him to keep going

He only touches me when he wants sex
there is no romance or pursuit in his eyes
There’s none in mine either
we are both too tired, too familiar
to put in any significant effort
I wonder how long we can continue

I wonder if he’ll leave me one day
Be drawn by the allure of someone more vibrant
who has more energy
who can make him feel more powerful
and bring light into his days

These years are unkind to him

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