Mind Shred

Allison Marie Conway

Over the years, I’ve bought countless books at his suggestion. Never read a single one. He was a waste as much as any of us are but the only thing to do is move forward, torn, undone, unfulfilled. When you have plenty and you still want more, some people will call you greedy and some will call you ‘ambitious’ but the thing is, why else are we even here? If we are creatures with minds, as some have suggested and some quite rightfully debate, why would anything ever be enough? Human nature is a kind of hunger which can never be sated. A thirst for art and entertainment, enlightenment and connection, love and freedom and all the rest of it.

I don’t trust him because he tells me things he isn’t even sure of himself. By firelight in early fall, we share whiskey and stories and some of his are…

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