Yesterday was pizzaday. Except for the fact that we drove aaaaall the way to the pizza place – only to find that they were closed. Vacation. How dare they plan THEIR vacation in MY vacation. Bastards.

No harm no foul though (except for my mood) – because instead of pizza we drove to the McDonald’s. And I still have that childlike enthusiasm that pops up everyone someone mentions those two words to me.

McDonald’s. Yay!

Whether it was the birthday dinners as a kid. The late night sundaes in high school. Or the 5-times-a-week meals when I actually worked there for 2.5 years or ANY McMeal after. I love McDonald’s (and, as often mentioned round here, any other fastfood really).

So off we went to ‘de McDrek’ (McFilthy as it is often jokingly called round here for it’s not too healthy range of foods). And after…

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