Heartbeat – Grace of the Sun

They say all emotions,live within the heart,degrees of devotionsets each one apart. A heart pumped by anger,rejects a soft touch,relies on an anchoror revolts too much. A heart pumped by sadness,adheres when embraced,pounds swiftly to gladness,igniting its pace. A heart pumped by true loveflutters like a dovelingering up abovewarms souls like a glove. A heart… Continue Reading →

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The Reccurence

Stories I've Never Told...

I’m driving. A red corvette through a sandy dessert expanse that I’ve never visited before. On my left are jagged copper cliffs. I miss the sharp turn and suddenly my car has flown through the guardrail. For a second, I’m suspended in midair, looking down at the dunes below me. Then I realize that I’m going to crash. I open my eyes, and I’m safe beneath my covers. 

I’m speeding recklessly through city streets. I tear through a yellow light without thinking. I can’t seem to slow down my car. I slam on the brakes when I see stopped traffic up ahead, but the car pulls forward even faster. I smash into the back of an old taxicab. I jolt up in my bed.

I’m on a highway surrounded by greenery. Trees and shrubs and open air. All four windows are down. Everything is beautiful. Except for that flat grey wall…

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Yellow Butterfly

You Lil Dickens

Fly, sweet delicate thing

She looked so soft and kind

Just like Her

Frail yellow shine, she hovered over the clover in between the headstones

Dancing in the summer wind like Nature’s Prima Ballerina

Taunting me with her beauty, regal she was, like Athena

Floating cheerfully and bright, when my heart was black as night

Just what are you so happy about? On THIS day, of all days — today.

No! Fly! Fly away, you sweet delicate thing

You don’t belong here anymore.

You don’t belong here anymore.

You don’t belong here anymore.


To this day, when all my hope washes away

I think of you and all the words I wish I could say

My tears begin to flow

My heart like wings, flutters — fast and slow

When unexpectedly, I see

A little yellow butterfly floating by — effortlessly

Flying — I know, just for me.


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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk {4}

You Lil Dickens

Hello Friends, I apologize for the delay, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my autobiographical anthology, Injustice: My Bell Jar Diaries, it has proven more difficult than I anticipated. For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, I’d like to invite you to visit my page at the link below, which includes my introductory post, numbered posts that ease you into my story, and supporting posts to provide additional context. It is my hope that I’ll be able to reach those suffering from these issues, be a source of encouragement and inspiration, create awareness, and drive change! Thank you for reading and thoughtfully commenting on these deeply personal stories. I appreciate you all continuing to support me! P.S. In an act of reciprocation, I’ve continued My Blog Soundtrack: Songs I Write To at the very end. Enjoy the music and my little message!

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Unkind Years (with audio)

Come Read this and enjoy the Audio too!!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

He keeps fading
I’m watching it happen before my eyes
I wonder if he is silently fading from me too
He keeps so many of his thoughts inside
I’m always the last to know what’s going on

Every morning I see less joy in his eyes
He slogs the day out
pushing himself in a job he hates
for a family who needs him to keep going

He only touches me when he wants sex
there is no romance or pursuit in his eyes
There’s none in mine either
we are both too tired, too familiar
to put in any significant effort
I wonder how long we can continue

I wonder if he’ll leave me one day
Be drawn by the allure of someone more vibrant
who has more energy
who can make him feel more powerful
and bring light into his days

These years are unkind to him

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To Wear a Face Mask: Is it so Difficult? – PEN OF HEARTS

“Wear a mask,” I told my seven-year-old son. He wore it immediately. If a child can understand and behave accordingly, why can’t an adult? Why is it so hard to convince adults to wear a face mask 😷 in the present situation? Where are we lacking? Why does even someone doubts wearing a face covering … To Wear a Face Mask: Is it so Difficult? Read More »

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