Trust Your Emotions

Be Inspired..!!

Don’t underestimate your emotions. Or overestimate them. Your emotions are your feedback system and for that they are very important. Trying to ignore your emotions is like depriving yourself from lights in a car running in the middle of the night.

We’re equipped with this fantastic set of tools called emotions, yet we chose not to use them. By fear of “breaking” it or just by lack of trust. Emotions are the most sensitive tool for assessing our path.

Positive emotions: we’re on the good track, negative emotions: there’s something we should work on. You may chose how to express your emotions if you want, but not trusting them would be simply stupid.

Look into your heart first. And then, if everything is fine there, bring everything in your mind for some adjustments.

How To Trust Your Emotions Without Getting Emotional

Fear, joy, sadness, exhilaration, all these are emotions. Feelings…

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