It’s Not All Black and White

The Sound of Her Voice

He said that we have the luxury of being free

From the generational trauma

That his race has known.


I hear this

and my mind wants to be ‘pc’

But my heart and soul are drowning


For some of us

The veil is thinner than this.

We too know pain

deeper than this lifetime.


There is a grief

Carried in my bones forever

So profound that I fear

If I meet it fully I will die.


From childhood

I would touch the trunks of trees

Alien to this landscape.

Bought from the shores

Of a place, this body has never been.


Yet, The moment

I feel that bark beneath my skin

Something ancient and infinite

Roars and heaves inside.


The heavy scent of earth

Rich and moist

Fills my senses.

I feel a strange yet familiar yearning for clan and land…



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