Follow Your Passions

Be Inspired..!!

Don’t let your rational mind stand in the way of your passion. If you found – or at least glimpsed, even occasionally – something that thrills you, you’re there. You don’t need a confirmation on this from anybody. Just follow your passion.

Following your true passion isn’t always easy. In fact, if you really look at other people stories, following your passion was never easy. It’s difficult. Really difficult.And one of the reasons for that is what I call “the risk / reward ratio”: following your passion carries a big risk / reward ratio. Meaning that if (and when) you mitigate the risk, the reward is huge. You really made it. And I’ll talk about the risk a bit later.

Living a life in passion will tune your being into the most authentic vibrations around. Every lived passion is in fact a way of the Universe to tell you you’re…

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