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Boredom. The final frontier. These are the ramblings of a blogger trying to boldly explain what no man ever avoided: howand why we get bored.

What Is Boredom?

Have you ever thought what boredom is? Why we get bored? How we can strangely reproduce this state so often although we consider it something very uncomfortable? Maybe you tried, but ended up bored in the process…

Boredom is a state of anxiety and low self-respect. We’re educated to get satisfaction from a very limited set of activities. Watching movies, eating, reading, programming (I know my blog is read by some fine geeks too, this one’s for you, guys 🙂 ), talking with friends, daydreaming. We’re in a state of comfort and balance every time we’re doing something we like. But the moment we’re not doing it anymore, something very subtle, yet extremely powerful happens.

Because we’re not doing what we like…

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