Never Give up

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The roads may not exist,
The paths might not have been traversed before,
The reality may rattle your being,
The future might put you in an abyss with no scent of spoor.

It doesn’t matter how you feel,
It doesn’t matter where you land,
All that counts is your grit to go beyond.

Beyond your trepidations,
Beyond your fears,
Beyond those inhabitations,
Beyond any queries.

For you have one life and many hopes,
All beaconing your name only if you can hear.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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Love at first sight


Love at first sight, 
I thought is weird outright!

Impossible like walking to the moon 
Or travelling as fast as light. 

But one fine day, somebody comes along
and takes your breath away.

He's caught your eye, he's got the charm, 
This huge crush doesn't let you function. 

Slowly you realise you like him a little too much, 
And cant wait to tell him, 'Baby, I love you so much!'

Sparks fly when you meet, 
Igniting a fire of temptation and passion. 

Little did I know what this 'love' thing was like, 
Butterflies in my stomach and sleepless nights! 

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