Saved FROM the bell


There’s one thing I hate more in life than pretty much all of the things I hate (which are plentiful). It’s alarms. Alarm clocks. Sirens. Anything that makes unnecessary shrill sounds that elicits immediate action. I hate it.

Having to get up in the morning, knowing that you’ve set your alarm to an indecent time-that-you-don’t-really-wanna-get-up-at has me going to bed annoyed. Ruins the usual happiness that I experience when I get into bed. Ruins the snuggles with the blankets, and the cuddling with the pillows and the joy of drifting off to the tunes of a Relaxing Spanish Guitar Spotify playlist. I hate alarms.

So much so that I’ve evolved enough as a human to outsmart mine. When I set an alarm for the next morning…my body knows. And I magically ALWAYS wake up five minutes before it’s bound to go off. So that I can turn it…

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