Beautiful Disaster

Kim V. Poetry

Bewitching and treacherous.
I didn’t want to feel her anymore,
So I broke my own heart,
Just to be free of her.

I was afraid.
I felt the fear creeping up along my skin.
The familiar, skeletal hand of loneliness,
Tracing the veins of my empty heart.
Squeezing it every time I thought about
Loving someone again.

I tried to push people away.
And my depression pushed harder.

I stared at myself for a long while.
Memorized every feature of my face,
Immortalizing my misery in pictures.
Dissociating and dissecting
The sadness of my eyes.

I used to be alive.

Until you came.

Past events whizzed through my mind.
The mistakes I had made,
The love I’d had.
It all played like a horror movie before me,
And I couldn’t look away.

The fear of falling,
Took hold of me again
And I felt like a tiny…

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