Persephone’s Marks

Roth Poetry

EER_0312 (2)

Trees tell their stories

written with green and red ink.

Leaves of history long forgotten…

as Persephone comes and goes,

get trampled under foot after each season.

But, her promised return

instills a flicker of hope in our hearts.

Each year a ring of life is added…

a library of tales from summers past

when growth was fat or lean…

only told by the rings inside.

Until they die, they remain unseen!!

img_e6245-2Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Sarah asked us to write a poem from Greek Mythology that included some aspect of Persephone and her comings and goings to Hades in the underworld. The myth is that when she comes she brings spring and summer for six months, but when she goes, everything dies and remains so for six months. I thought trees are a great way to illustrate that by observing their rings.

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