New Horizons 🌞 Written By Nichole Sulpizio πŸ’‹


Dedicated to the life I left behind and to the success I am creating, not only in my personal life but my career as well as my writing πŸ’‹

I finally opened my own legitimate business today I got the paperwork In hand (I AM MY OWN EMPLOYER)… I so wanted to open this for quite some time but damned and control by vows that where not as strong as my will to live!! Therefore I had to leave behind the nay sayers whom held me back…to the chains I broke and the prison walls that bound me …no more will any person hold me down for my light and life are mine to succeed and sparkle ✨ the first step to success was your demise as I exhaled and purged your disease … now as I inhale my new life.. my heart is finally fulfilled!!

Leaps and bounds


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