Old fashion Morphine…


Old fashion Morphine

Oh sweet Jenny stole my vision. Her short red dress allowed me to see her perfect long legs. Her skin color of  peaches and tempting softness made me order a double shot of Jack Daniel.

She wore a low cut blouse allowing my eyes to fall from beautiful hazel eyes to perfect full breasts. She walked in red high heels toward me like a predator seeking a meal. I drank the Jack Daniel as she  stood in the front of me. Her blazing red hair seemed more red tonight and she asked me. “Where you been Johnnie. You promised me a bed time stories and to whisper sweet words of love forever. I waited for you and now I want more. You allowed me to fantasy of the things I shall do to you, my lover.”

I ordered two long Island ice teas and I caressed uncovered…

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Just words…


——The world is slower now. Time for us to stay at home. Create a masterpiece, write the great novel, sing a wonderful new song. Call a old friend, call a family member missed. The coronavirus has taught us. The simple things we shall miss when we are on a lock-down. Be careful, be safe……..

The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin

Let me walk through…

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The Truth is…

Come and Enjoy this from Secrets!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

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The truth is…
I want you
I don’t want to want you
but I do

When I see you
it takes all of my self-control
not to snake my arms around your neck
and whisper naughty ideas in your ear

I try not to think about us
I try not to let my subconscious
insert you into all my dreams
But the truth is…
I want you

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