Faded into you…


(This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.)

Faded into you…

To and fro the fool shall wander. Once hopeful man wanted a sweet gal and a perfect life. Now he loved the Jazz clubs and the songs. He had the sweetest gal once and he learn. Sweet girls want honest men who don’t want to steal and borrow only. He learn, he was just a thief, who always wanted more.

He loved the Low, Low, low man jazz club. Last one near the sea. The whiskey was cheap and the women dark, greedy and demanding. They didn’t want love no-more. They wanted to feel alive.

He went to the Jazz club early. Happy hour till nine and the heavy drinkers were drinking the three dollar Johnnie Walker whiskey shots and the two and half dollar Jim Beam shots. He sat next…

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