Karma will make it even!

A Canvas To Describe Feelings..

Dare not,
Not to spoil anybody else’s life.
Not everyone can forgive you.

What to say,
The words have run dry,
The eyes are in a state of flood,
The heart is facing a drought,
For you swiped everything for what good?
Nobody knows.

Not everyone would be silly ,
Silly to have loved you despite pain,
Mental torture and a lot more.
For I cared genuinely,
Kept you before me always.
And you,
Never really cared somebody is standing behind you,
Doing everything you ask,
Through the think & thin.

One day,
You will meet karma in your face,
You will love somebody,
And taste the pain if betrayal,
Especially when you are loyal,
Will find that even the foundation of other person based on lies.

Karma will kiss you.

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