If you go away…..

Enjoy the verses and the song!


If you go away…

Once we loved the rain, the trains and the lazy days. We owned little and needed just enough. On Friday night we would go to the Stuttgart train station and look at the schedule, we would decide a new city to visit. We had just enough money for a cheap hotel, some wine.

I found you at the Bobingen lake in the Spring of 1978, smoking cigarettes and watching the sun fall into the west. We loved Florence and Basel, we loved the songs of Leonard Cohen. I was captivated by your face, your alluring eyes of river blue.

You were my German girl, who loved the slower days. Where we wander the old castles of Europe, we seeks out the ancient cities and I would tell you lullabies of things and people gone.

I remember you told me often, my love, my darling, the calamity…

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