The stranger song- A Leonard Cohen morning.


The  stranger  song….

Pretty lady  asked  her old lover.  When did we become strangers? Once  we talked, danced and sang the whole night through.

Now we sit together.  Your eyes had died and  your hopeful words had turn dead and cold. I have been waiting for you to return.  I know old wars and forsaken love left you old and cold. Dear Poet. Love is the celestial fire to murder old memories and the  damn tragedy of life.

The poet reached  for the pretty woman and brought her close in tight embrace. He told her. Love can be sweet as honey and bitter as a lemon. The contemplation  of  sweet kiss and long embrace make the dead rise. You are sweeter than September wine and so kind.  I don’t fear the beginning of  love. I fear the ending.

She put his head into her bosom and she whispered. Hear my…

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